Imagine your ETO leaves mid-season. A stewardess quits after two months. 70% crew turnover. The owner suddenly drops by whilst the boat is in this major HR crisis. Mind is a state of the art performance management tool that gives you instant insight into your team’s motivation.

Data-driven insights provide actionable recommendations to help you retain talent and increase productivity. We leverage artificial intelligence to provide you Peace of Mind in managing your crew.

Mind is an app that comes with bespoke Luxury Hospitality Leadership Training to help you benefit from its potential to the fullest.

Our Story

Life is about the way you experience it. Improving this experience is the central tenet of luxury hospitality. Hospitality after all, is about the art of service, the fine craftsmanship involved in making people feel at home.

In the information age we believe this luxury hospitality ethic should be the vocal point of technology: ensuring a radical yet seamless improvement of life.

It is our vision to improve the seven star experience for all people involved, through the careful application of best practice leadership, AI technology and luxury hospitality philosophy. Because, just like hospitality, Peace of Mind should be seamless.


We are selecting forwardlooking Captains to be part of the future of maritime leadership. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a demo.